Meet Heavy Halo And The “Beautiful Freakiness” of “Control You”

Brooklyn-based Industrial/Rock artists Heavy Halo are releasing their first, self-titled album via Negative Gain on November 5th. They’ve made public their “frenzied” music video for “Control You” ahead of the album and it’s one that was inspired by the “NY warehouse underground” and made with the help of friends expressing their “beautiful freakiness and individuality”.

Mike McKeever of Heavy Halo explains further:

‘“Control You” is about riding that thin line between spiraling into complete disorder but attempting to hold control over your fate. You grip the wheel, but it has ideas of its own. The tension threatens to tear you apart, but the adrenaline is undeniable”

Heavy Halo describes itself as “a Goth-Grunge blood-pact forged in the NYC underground” between between McKeever and Gosteffects. The two began working together “in New York’s pandemic wasteland” and crafted an album as “pure catharsis”.

Previous singles and videos released from the new album include “Crush” and “Black Seed”.

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