Get “As Far Away As Possible” With The Shout Out Louds

Swedish Indie-Rock outfit, the Shout Out Louds have returned with another single, As Far Away As Possible,” channeling a very relatable wanderlust right now and addressing the “longing to get away from the trappings of everyday life”. The arrival of the single is also tied to the announcement of their sixth full-length album, House, which will arrive on February 18, 2022 via Bud Fox Recordings/Integral/PIAS.

House finds the band working again with producer Björn Yttling who collaborated on their sophomore album, Our Ill Wills.

The band give us some backstory behind the album:

“When it came time to record these songs, we took them from our small underground rehearsal space to Ingrid Studio in Stockholm, to work once again with our friend Björn Yttling – who is the master of getting rid of anything unnecessary – in pursuit of the sound of the night.  We were determined to maintain the raw simplicity we found when writing these songs, that up-close and intimate feeling. Like being at home, safe and warm in a small room with friends. Devoid of multiple layers and illustrious decorations, the songs are what they are – stripped back, honest, and bare. When someone shifts position, you hear it. An exhale? It’s there. Wide-open sounds and an intimately personal perspective meet in this album. And together they create ‘House’.”

Since their 2004 debut Howl Howl Gaff Gaff on Capitol Records, Shout Out Louds have toured with The Strokes, Kings of Leon and Depeche Mode, performed at Coachella twice, and appeared on the Late Show, Late Late Show and Tonight Show.

They will be touring across Europe for the release of House:

02/27 – Hamburg, DE @ Grünspan

02/28 – Berlin, DE @ Festsaal Kreuzburg

03/01 – Cologne, DE @ Gloria

03/02 – Darmstadt, DE @ Centralstation

03/03 – Dresden, DE @ Beatpol

03/04 – Vienna, AU @ Arena

03/05 – Munich, DE @ Freiheitshalle

03/06 – Hannover, DE @ MusikZentrum

03/18 – Uppsala, SE @ Katalin

03/19 – Gothenburg, SE @ Pustervik

03/25 – Malmö, SE @ Plan B

03/26 – Orebro, SE @ Frimis

04/01 – Kalmar, SE @ Söderport

04/02 – Linköping, SE @ Platens Bar

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