“An Anti-Hero Who Wants To Get Out” – Watch JW Francis’ “Wanderkid” Video

JW Francis’ new album, Wanderkid, arrives today, October 1st via Sunday Best Recordings, and he’s released title track and video to give us a taste of the new collection. In the video, we find JW Francis “bouncing through psychedelic locations all over the world” and the title track was originally written as a “motivational theme song for the album’s protagonist”.

JW Francis explains:

“I wanted the title track of this album to sound almost like a ‘Power Rangers’ theme song. Something I could punch the air to and say ‘yeah!’ It’s meant to be a pump-up song written to WANDERKID. Being like, ‘you got this!’ but also… I AM WANDERKID, so naturally it’s a bit self-deprecating.”

As a follow-up to debut album We Share A Similar Joy, Wanderkid is a concept album with 11 tracks exploring themes of “escapism and the urge to break free”.

JW adds concerning the new album:

“‘WANDERKID’ is an album about escape. It’s supposed to be a gut punch of a record about an anti-hero named WANDERKID who wants to get OUT: out of his living situation, out of his head, out of his life. This album is like looking out the car window with an urgent desire to be on the other side. It was finished during the most recent global pandemic, so hopefully folks find it relatable.”

In the lead up to the album release, JW Francis has also been taking a solo trek on the Appalachian Trail. He’ll be making his return to New York for a show at Elsewhere on October 8th before heading to the UK for a headlining tour.

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