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The Weber Brothers Continue Their Water Street Trilogy With ‘In The Tangled Web’

The Weber Brothers have released the second installment of The Water Street Trilogy, titled In The Tangled Web and it was captured live-off-the-floor during one day during the summer of 2021.

Following the first installment, Wild As The Wild Dogs, which was released Nov. 2022, In The Tangled Web finds Ryan and Sam Weber, along with drummer Marcus Bowne, guitarist Emily Burgess and multi-instrumentalist Ryan “Rico” Browne, leaning more heavily on their Blues influences.

The most recent release from the album is the Garage Rock influenced “Turn On Love”.

Speaking on the album, bassist/vocalist Ryan Weber says:

To me, this one goes deep into the night. Wild As The Wild Dogs was kind of like getting ready to go out for the night, getting to where you’re going and then burning it up.

In The Tangled Web picks things up from there, maybe starting around midnight or 1 a.m. The room is still rockin’ for a while until the bar closes and you’ve got to head home. You’re wired, so you sit up a long time, right up into the wee wee hours. Those can be some powerful hours.

In a brief window between lockdowns during the summer of 2021, the Webers found themselves without any gigs, but ready to record a backlog of new material. They called on their friend and Producer James McKenty (Blue Rodeo, Cuff The Duke, Royal Wood) with an idea, to take a day and record over 30 songs.

McKenty was on board and rented a building in Gore’s Landing, Ontario, the same location where he would record Neil Young a few weeks later, and brought his mobile setup.

In many ways, The Water Street Trilogy stands as tribute to the Webers’ mentor, Ronnie Hawkins, who passed away in 2022. For those who still aren’t familiar with The Weber Brothers’ origin story, as teenagers in the late 1990s, Ryan and Sam Weber made the decision to move from their suburban Baltimore home to southern Ontario to pursue their dream of playing with Hawkins, just as their heroes in The Band had started out.

In due course they earned their place as Hawks, later taking the lessons learned and applying them to their own distinctive sound.

As Ryan Weber says:

This is the kind of music Ronnie loved, so it only seems right to send it out to him wherever he is now.


Fri July 21 :: Peterborough ON :: Gordon Best Theatre
Sat July 29 :: Trenton ON :: Old Church Theatre
Wed Aug 2 :: Bailieboro ON :: Zimart Gallery
Sat Aug 5 :: Fort Irwin ON :: Til Death BBQ
Sat Aug 12 :: Kitchener ON :: Blues Fest (City Hall Stage / 1:30pm)
Sat Aug 26 :: Burleigh Falls ON :: Burleigh Falls Inn
Fri Sept 8 :: Apsley ON :: Creekside Music Festival
Fri Sept 22 :: Oakville ON :: Moonshine Cafe
Sat Sept 23 :: Port Dover ON :: The Brig
Fri Sept 29 :: Wilno ON :: Wilno Tavern

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