Dave Hause Faces A New World With ‘Drive It Like It’s Stolen’

[Cover photo credit to Jesse DeFlorio]

The third release on the Hause brothers’ own Blood Harmony Records label will be Drive It Like It’s Stolen, Dave Hause’s sixth solo LP. It explores new territory for Hause as he talks about the anxieties of being a parent in the modern world.

Most recently, on 2021’s Blood Harmony, Hause wrote and sang about the positive impact of having twins, and of the joy of being able to be at home with them. With Drive It Like It’s Stolen, however, Hause’s fears and anxiety of being a parent in modern day America takes the fore.

Drive It Like It’s Stolen presents “a weary and apocalyptic quasi-reality that examines the new American city, parenthood, and our individual places in society, post-pandemic”.

Hause shares:

My life is getting increasingly less interesting. And that’s by design. You want to be steady, you want to be at a baseball practice or taking your kids to gymnastics or whatever it is. You don’t want to necessarily be staring into the abyss all the time and trying to determine your existential weight. I don’t want my life to become fodder for songs — I want my creativity to be the fodder for songs.